Zoë Boyle
Zoë Boyle is a second year, Div II student at Hampshire College and the 2014 student group co-coordinator. They are studying queer studies and health/medicine, hoping to one day go to medical school and become a doctor specializing in queer and trans* health. During their first year at Hampshire they signed for the Queer Community Alliance and participated in the Hampshire Sexperts, work they hope to continue through their career at Hampshire College. They have a deep love for cats, coffee, and all-girl rock bands. This is their first year working with CLPP.
Valentina Forte-Hernandez
Valentina Forte-Hernandez is a Division I student at Hampshire College and she is extremely excited to begin working with CLPP. She plans on studying film in college and is the founder of the independent film company Bear Valley Films. In addition to film making she enjoys writing and acting. She is thrilled to begin her first year at college and her first year with CLPP.